Our relationship with tableware and gastronomy is born from the fusion of some of our biggest passions: good eating, design and sculpture. The aesthetic, ultimately.

When we get out of our house to go to a restaurant, we look for a complete experience, and we consider that in a good menu intervene various elements, and one of them is the tableware in which it is presented. Chefs say a bad dessert can ruin a meal; we say a bad presentation can downplay a great dish.

In ADORNO, we design, layout, propose, study, compare, try and manufacture in an artisanal way all of our pieces, combining various materials and techniques with an only goal: creating a support/object out of the established conventionalities of how tableware has to be.

Our work philosophy defines a productive and sustainability context with our environment, the artisanal creation and with high standards of quality require controlled production, without big runs or excessive stocks. The flexibility of the “making” before the “producing” allows us to adapt to the diverse needs of our clients, creating from small sets of simple execution, to exclusive, personalized and complex pieces.

We like to work hand in hand with the chef to achieve The Whole in the gastronomical experience, the harmonic interaction between the container and the content, always having in mind the peculiarities of each restaurant, each chef. Transmitting to our creation the essence of the place, adding a plus in quality, exclusivity and elegance, always at the service of the diner, the main character in gastronomy.