Wooden dowels

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“Each tree has not only a different size and shape, but also a color and character, and each board in each tree has a distinctly different personality.”

– Mira Nakashima

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Wooden dowels as supports, made by hand in solid walnut, oak, om or sapelly wood.

Each piece is unique and exclusive. Made from pruning remains or “waste” from sawmills.

At the top they have a small concave recess. All its lateral faces are worked in an irregular way in order to give them movement.

All our wood products are sanded with several different sandpaper to achieve a super smooth finish on the wood, very pleasant to the touch, and then finished with mineral oil suitable for food use.



Variables Depending on the type of wood available at the time of order. If you need specific measures, do not hesitate to contact us.

Length: Between 10/11 cm

Width: Between 10/11 cm

Height: Between 5/6 cm

About our wooden dowels

The woods of our dowels are recovered from a sawmill in which there is a corner of discarded wood due to its characteristics, they have knots and are twisted, they are not suitable for making boards for the manufacture of furniture, so their destination is to become firewood for stoves.

Being faithful to our commitment to the environment, we rummage through these “waste” to give the tree a second chance, which for us means more work when treating these twisted woods and more satisfaction when we achieve our goal of seeing again what nature offers us.

These “Wooden Tacos” are born from reflection and the question of What can we do with this apparently useless piece of material? Well, something as simple as a nice support for our appetizers or finger food, with character, movement, personality and, above all, recovering and giving meaning to an incredible being, the tree.

Care and maintenance

After each use, wash the wood under the tap and dry with a clean cloth.


From time to time, hydrate with food grade mineral oil.