Oak Plate

80.50 (IVA inclòs)

Japanese-inspired plate that combines the strength of old oak wood with minimalist lines. A perfect piece to turn everyday into something special.

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All our wood products are sanded with several different sandpaper to achieve a super smooth finish on the wood, very pleasant to the touch, and then finished with mineral oil suitable for food use.


3 in stock

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Old oak wooden plate. Hard wood, with very marked grain and knots. Straight cuts and minimalist air that gives more prominence to the character of the wood.

In the upper part it has a slight concavity harmonious with the whole. In the lower part, some recesses as handles that provide visual lightness to the piece.

Finished with mineral oil suitable for food use.



Length: 35cm

Width: 16cm

Height: 3,5cm

About our OAK PLATE

Our OAK PLATE is inspired by traditional Japanese plates for the Tea ceremony. They are plates worked with care, respecting as much as possible the peculiarities that wood presents, a vestige of the passage of time.

Oak is a noble tree, strong and with pleasant shade. Under the great oaks justice was dispensed in some European cultures, such as the Guernika Tree, a symbol of freedom for the Basques.

Each of our OAK PLATES is unique and unrepeatable, it has its own personality, we respect its knots and veins formed over the years and the history of each tree, they are exclusive collectibles designed for your daily enjoyment, perfect to turn the day by day into something special.

With the daily use of the woods, we leave visible marks on its surface that will give it even more a special character and will serve as a reminder to future generations of those good times lived around a table.

Care and maintenance

After each use, wash the wood under the tap and dry with a clean cloth.


From time to time, hydrate with food grade mineral oil.