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In a world where manual skills are rejected, we believe in them, not only in the act of producing the best product, but in the pure joy of doing with our hands.

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NUTCRACKER made of solid walnut wood. Created from pruning debris or sawmill “waste”. In this case, made from a walnut branch, respecting its clearly visible heart and growth rings.

In the upper part it has a concave recess to better support the nut when breaking it. All its lateral faces are worked in an irregular way in order to give them movement.

The base has rubber bumpers to cushion the blow against the table surface.

Each piece is unique and exclusive.

The hammer to hit the nut is optional, or if you want another type of blunt object to break the nut, do not hesitate to contact us.

All our wood products are sanded with several different sandpaper to achieve a super smooth finish on the wood, very pleasant to the touch, and then finished with mineral oil suitable for food use.



Length: Between 8 / 10cm

Width: Between 6 / 10cm

Height: Between 6 / 8cm


The wood of our nutcrackers is recovered from a sawmill where there is a corner of discarded wood due to its characteristics, they have knots and are twisted, they are not suitable for making boards for the manufacture of furniture, so their destination is to become firewood for stoves.

In this case, we recover some pieces of a walnut, a noble, generous tree that provides us with fruit, we take refuge under its shade and take advantage of its wood, so the best tribute and respect that we can give to the tree is to recover it from the flames and offer it a second, long-lived life in our homes, while closing a circle: a walnut tree serves as a support to break a nut, its fruit. The tree continues to offer us its beauty through its veins and knots, its wood to create something useful such as the support to break the nuts.

A return to that childhood when we ran through the forest and climbed trees, we broke walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds with any stone on the road. Now we have created something more sophisticated than any other stone, something harmonious with the environment of our houses, but reminiscent of that past time.

Use will mark our nutcracker, but a good amount of scratches and dents will give more character to the piece, will give it life, and in future times, we will evoke those good moments marked in the wood.

Care and maintenance

After each use, wash the wood under the tap and dry with a clean cloth.


From time to time, hydrate with food grade mineral oil.