Cutting woods

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Each tree and each part of the tree has a particular destiny. In its veins and knots the vestiges of history are marked. That is why our cutting woods are unique numbered pieces.


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Cutting boards or presentation of cheeses made by hand in solid walnut, oak, beech, always non-splinter wood. With variable cuts and shapes depending on the model.

Each piece is unique and that is why it is numbered.

The base incorporates rubber bumpers to prevent displacement on the marble of the countertop when cutting or the unpleasant noise when hitting the table.

All our wood products are sanded with several different sandpaper to achieve a super smooth finish on the wood, very pleasant to the touch, and then finished with mineral oil suitable for food use.

As a gift, for the purchase of one of our cheese presentation boards or cutting boards, our 100% natural cotton Adorno’s bag.



The dimensions of each piece are indicated in the photo, together with the identifier number.


Each tree and each part of the tree has a particular destiny and its own personality. We have the responsibility to respect these incredible beings as much as possible and to keep the tree alive through our boards.

Each of our cheese presentation or cutting boards is unique and unrepeatable, they are collectibles designed for your daily enjoyment.

Each board has its own personality, we respect its knots and veins formed over the years and the history of each tree, they are unique, hence, each of them bears a number that identifies it, giving it even more this exclusive object character.

With the daily use of our cut wood, we leave visible marks on its surface that will give it even more a special character.

Care and maintenance

After each use, wash the wood under the tap and dry with a clean cloth.


From time to time, hydrate with food grade mineral oil.